Onboarding and Opening Week - by Nisheeth Srivastava

My MGG session started on 9th August 2021, the day when the IPCC report on climate change was released, and South Africa has its National Women’s Day. The first week was mentioned as technical onboarding and orientation, where the use of digital tools was explained which are an integral part of our future working instruments within this course. Initially, I used to think that MS Teams was only a voice chat application, but now I can tell, use and explain more collaborative techniques which this software brings with it. The importance of sharpening your axe before cutting the tree was the first management and leadership lesson through which I was able to connect. You need to know how to use your resources optimally and efficiently.

Meeting, greeting and introducing digitally with diversified participants from seven different countries bought back some memories of my old golden college days. Listening to the Covid experience of Vinod and Marina brought out the difficult political situation of Brazil, while Sandile and Makhethe were sharing the protest and looting stories in South Africa. It was tough to hear, but as a family, we were comfortable to share our concerns and experiences in an open and friendly environment. Also, our core academic team Tatjana, Judith, Anna, Eva, Pradnya, Sven, Ariel, Wulf, Benjamin, Johanna, Christine, David and Sabrina were moreover our friends and then our MGG professors. For me, drinking and eating with friends in the Bar or camping out were meant to be bar camps, but being introduced to a new definition of digital bar camps reminds me of the generation change which the Covid era has bought in.

In our prime time to regional calls, we are already a MGG 2021 family and are sharing our professional and personal experiences, developing bonds and becoming changemakers. The journey of MGG has started with 24 participants. Hopefully, we would be developing lifelong bonds and keep the MGG/DIE flag high.

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