Academic Module "Global governance and transformation to sustainability" - by Saransh Sugandh

Biting into a donut is not easy especially if it is a loaded one. There is always a chance that some of it could spill right on your clothes! Or maybe your favourite part of the donut could just fall out! Well, this was the week when we learnt to work with the Donut.

We were introduced to the concept the previous week but this was the week when we finally learnt to first split a cooked bread (existing city strategy), analyse the contents within (the various policies in place), check the sources for the ingredients (the multiple stakeholders) and finally put the cut up pieces together with some sustainable sauce.

Was it easy? Far from it. Personally, the most difficult part was preparing the sauce something that would hopefully glue the donut in place. I hadn’t yet worked with my country group it was a new work dynamic and like in many online situations, required a bit of work. How does the other person think? What is their working style? What is their approach in terms of solution finding? And finally what is our group dynamic? Figuring out these answers was the key aspect in preparing the sauce.

Yes, one had to read the city strategy document, understand the challenges that others have identified and frame a new or different strategy that does the city justice at local, social, global and ecological level. The task is not easy and finding consensus while working with four other people is even more difficult but the diversity of perspectives that emerge and the fine nuances of interpersonal relationships that play out offer many interesting lessons.

Ultimately it all came together and there was much that was learnt not just from one’s own group but all the other groups as well the vibrant Mexican presentation or the very engaged Indonesian one, the German efficiency or the clean lines and understanding from China, the suave neatness of the South African presentation, the buzz from Brazil or the calm from India (was it? :D). I feel we are all melding together as a group. The word for me today was generosity a generosity of my colleagues to share from their lives and work. The many insights shared are hopefully building perspectives that can bring alive the 2030 agenda, in the best way possible. Amen.

Also, don’t forget to carefully bite into your donut.

- Saransh / Avatari

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