To be a real change maker for common wellbeing

More than two months learning and sharing in MGG brought me a lot of surprises. MGG team is very professional and always supportive to us. They always know our needs even sometimes we didn’t realize it ourselves. It’s my first time to get a gift and card from Germany. That’s so sweet! It also made me impressive that every staff and coordinator has huge passion to guide us and respond to diverse voices. I want to thank Judith, Eva, Tatjana, Alex, Milena, Christine, David, Anna, Ariel, Johanna, and Franziska, Peter, Marius, and all other faculties from DIE. Your contribution helped me to better participate in my learning journey. Your smiles made me smile!

I will never forget the days when all of us dancing on the screen, sharing emotion and emojs in the group chat, and making insightful dialogue in the breakout room. I shared my life history with Kirsten and Ritu, jointly built a negotiating team with Citra and Vinod, and introduced Shanghai’s public transportation system with my Chinese fellows Cheng, Lixiao and Tao. It also could not be forgotten that Makhete, Maria, Nisheeth and Devi told me a lot of stories about their own countries, giving me more chances to understand what happened there. I am very grateful for that all participants provided their arguments in their unique perspectives, making us see a diverse world.

It’s so exciting that we eventually come to the change maker projects, testing what we got from MGG learning. I joined in a small group of digital competence in education with two brilliant colleagues, Karla and Cheng. They gave me strong confidence to get this challenging work done. In my view, key part of fulfilling the CMP is to transform from ideas to actions, after substantially understanding the context and challenge of our issue. It needs us deeply engaged in real context and process of question we try to figure out.

Our trip of global governance is going to end. Ultimate meaning is emerging. I always have been thinking over one question that the most significant part of this journey might not be what you gained, but what you became. I look forward to being a real change maker for common wellbeing.

- Zhiyuan Sun

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